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Caro Emerald: Emerald Island Tour

- April 18, 2017

Playing hits from her first two albums, plus most of her new EP, including an excellent full-on Morricone-inspired version of Quicksand, the Dutch chanteuse took us back to the Tiki exotica of the 1950s. The band were immensely tight, mellifluously switching between Tango, Pop, Swing, Mambo, Sixties’ incidental instrumentals and Dub. And despite not performing in her natural habitat of a small, smoky drinking den, the queen of Electro-Swing had the whole of the Brighton Centre up and dancing. Well worth a cruise to the tropical paradise of Emerald Island.

Brighton Centre, 14 April 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Tim Pilcher & Sue Bradley

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