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Khalil: What one thing places landlords’ investments at great risk?

- April 24, 2017


Times of change

There is one thing that can be guaranteed to impact on the property market, and to ripple through in ever widening circles to the rental market.

It’s not unemployment, it’s not rising house prices and it’s not new legislation. It is a climate of doubt and uncertainty. One thing that you can be certain of is that an atmosphere of uncertainty can make being a landlord a tough job. Worse than this, it can put your investments and returns in a very risky position.

Brexit and an uncertain future
As Theresa May fleshes out the details of how the U.K. will leave the European Union things do not seem to be getting any clearer for the markets. If anything the finer the detail, the worse it gets. The cloud of uncertainty as to exactly what each new detail may mean just seems to thicken.

During the transition there is going to be a lot of uncertainty. And this uncertainty will invariably destabilise the housing market and make even the safest of landlords’ investments a potential risk.

How could this uncertainty affect the property market?
The truth is that, if only we knew exactly how the property market may be affected there wouldn’t be a problem. We’d be able to plan and react accordingly. But we don’t know, and it is this ignorance that creates the disruptive ripples.

Likely candidates to be hit can, however, fairly confidently be identified. They include falling transaction levels, stagnating rents, subdued tenant demand and restricted affordability.

Is there rent without risk in a period of uncertainty?
There is a way, however, that landlords in Brighton can sidestep the Brexit doubt and its repercussions. It’s called Khalil’s Rent Guarantee Scheme, and it holds true to its promise to pay you rent every single month regardless of the social or economic consequences of the Brexit process on the housing market.

Unlike the complicated extrication process from the European Union, this scheme is beautifully simple.

We lease your property from you for five years and we start paying you rent that month. We don’t wait to find tenants first. What’s more, we guarantee to continually pay you rent throughout. We will pay on time and we will pay regardless of whether the property is occupied or void.

During this period we handle all tenant relationships and the daily maintenance of your property. We return your property to you at the end of the five years in the same condition as we receive it.

You have five years of rent in your bank and you have barely had to lift a finger for it.

So, if you don’t want to run the risk that the forthcoming period of uncertainty poses, we can help you guarantee your rent.

For more information about rent without risk in a period of uncertainty contact Ahmed Khalil on 01273 573960, visit Khalil Properties at 124 Lewes Road, Brighton BN2 3LG or find us online at www.khalilproperties.co.uk.

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