Friday, September 24

Dave Pop’s Super Pop Shop Exhibition

- May 6, 2017

Dave Pop may be best know as a creator of fabulous cakes at Choccywoccydoodah, but he is also a creator of exuberantly delightful paintings. You can see and buy these at his new exhibition in Kemp Town where once again he delights in the vibrancy of fairground art beautifully mashed up with baroque motifs and classical gods. It’s an eye opening and joyous collection of new works that remind us that art is allowed to be fun, and Mr Pop’s imagery and imagination is most definitely fun. How refreshing all this is and equally refreshing is his pricing policy, offering beautiful works for very affordable prices. Forget all the ‘hobby work’ that infiltrates so many of May’s exhibitions and get along to see this, real imagination and talent at play, with the emphasis on the word “play”!

The Sidewinder, Kemp Town

Until 31 May

Andrew Kay

5 stars

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