Sunday, September 19

For The Birds

- May 7, 2017

At a secret woodland location, as night falls, you embark on the most delightful adventure. A walk into a captivating landscape that was always there but perhaps you had never noticed. The trees are brought to life and populated by the most fascinating devices that illuminate in every sense what nature has already provided. It’s simple in many senses, but clearly a complex undertaking, turning a natural environment into a living exhibit. As you progress the light fades and the experience becomes more intense, sounds, lights, sculptural devices… Best of all, the creators allow nature to take the lead role, not one actor in sight, not one silly thespian dressed as a fairy or a goblin to sully the  scene and even though the devices maybe be technological and mechanical, there is a natural reality to the whole. Magic! This is the stuff of festivals that people will talk about for years to come.

Secret location

5 May

Andrew Kay

5 stars

(Do wear practical clothes and stout shoes)

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