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Zach Zucker: Human Person

- May 17, 2017

Zach Zucker’s brain is scrambled. He’s enacting the war between his id, ego and superego on stage. It’s bizarre. We’ve entered Zach’s weird, wonderful world of high energy. Not everyone gets it. The people behind me leave the premises. The rest of the sold out audience are laughing their heads off. The show is beautifully unpredictable. Zach is a bolshie tree, kinky moon, a dog, a comedian and more. “Do you ever imagine yourself walking down the street and being hit by a car?” he asks. There’s certainly an element of ‘humour noir’. Zucker’s a sweet Fringe treat for those who can palate surreal physical theatre.

The Warren, 12 May 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Abby Kwantes

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