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New York Stories

- May 18, 2017

Three accomplished actors performed two short stories and did justice to Damon Runyon’s flawless scripts. 1930’s music set the scene. The first story was light-hearted, with dressed up slang and an eating contest. Dave Mounfield stole the show with his versatility and funny facial expressions. The narrator, Brandon McGuire, was slightly stilted at the start, given to a street vernacular difficult to pronounce. However, by the second play he was unerring. Actor, Duncan Henderson, perfectly captured a gangster’s soul and his tenderness for a cat. This gave a likeability to the hardened criminal depicted, so we were emotionally invested in the character’s development. The ending was neat, as was the overall performance.

Rialto Theatre, 17 May 2017
Rating: ★★★★½
Abby Kwantes

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