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Brighton Lights: What to do in the city – w/c Tuesday 23rd May

- May 22, 2017


Music & Entertainment with Joe Fuller

1 Limpe Fuchs and Evan Parker performed separately at the Lost Property festival at Newhaven Fort last year, and were brilliant in contrasting ways. Parker is a boisterously physical free jazz saxophonist and a vivid, mesmeric improviser. Fuchs meanwhile is an atypical percussionist who uses huge statuesque pieces in a wandering, more peaceful mode.
Friends Meeting House, 27 May, 7.30pm, £12.50

2 Mykki Blanco headlines what should be a fantastic gig on the final Saturday of Brighton Festival. The Dome have teamed up with the Marlborough Theatre to showcase queer artists and the bill includes Travis Alabanza and Lasana Shabazz too.
The Spire, 27 May, 9pm


3 Brighton Festival hosts some exciting premieres this year, including Theo Clinkard’s This Bright Field. The first part will see the audience go on stage for an intimate encounter with twelve international dancers, whereas part two sits the audience back in the auditorium with the dancers on the full stage.
Brighton Dome Concert Hall, 25 May, £10-£15

4 For theatre lovers there is Tennessee Williams’ 27 Wagons Full of Cotton, which delves into topics such as mental health and domestic abuse. The one-act play inspired the controversial 1956 film Baby Doll, and this affordable show is a great chance to sample a classic Williams story.
Rialto, 29 May-3 June, £8/£10




Comedy with Victoria Nangle

5 The deadpan comedian Ed Aczel turns his attention to ‘Foreign Policy’ in his latest show, focussing on the micro as well as the global. Over the fence neighbourly detente can be just as tricky to manoeuvre as North Korea – quite possibly. Aczel runs through contemporary foreign policy head-scratchers, endorsing good manners as a fundamental skill in the world.
The Old Market, Thursday 25 May, 10pm, £12.50/10

6 Forming the next generation of a performing family – just call them a comedy dynasty (mum performs, dad produces) – ‘Siblings’ is the debut act from sisters Maddy and Marina Bye combining Maddy’s clowning skills and training with Marina’s acting chops to serve up an eclectic mish-mash of frenetic character comedy. With glowing endorsements from Dawn French and Jennifer Saunders, interest be piqued.
Studio 3, The Warren, Wed 24–Thurs 25 May & 2 June, 9.30pm, £9/7.50




Arts with Brighton’s Arty

7 The garden is looking amazing at The Wolf at the Door. So if you haven’t yet paid a visit to one of Brighton’s favourite Artists Open Houses venues, make sure it’s on this weekend’s ‘must do’ list. You’ll find Jill Tattersall’s artworks and handmade books downstairs, and a delightfully calming garden room displaying sculpture. On the Hove trail.

8 If you’ve been inspired by the current Constable and Brighton exhibition at Brighton Museum, you can now follow in the great artist’s footsteps on a new circular city walk that explores the time he spent here. To see where the windmills he painted once stood and stroll along the seafront that inspired him, pick up a free guide at the Museum.


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