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The Starship Osiris

- May 30, 2017

The dashingly handsome, incredibly arrogant George Vere is hero of The Starship Osiris. George is hysterical as a narcissistic director. He amusingly glorifies himself in the sci-fi space odyssey he wrote and directed himself. It starts brilliantly with Ian Fleming playing cheesy music, while three highly attractive starlets tunefully sing ‘I Need Your Love’ to George, as he sensitively remembers his beautiful wife. George belittles his male sidekick Evans. The starlets shun Evans in favour of pouting George, until Evans finally loses it – in a well thought out twist. The show went a bit panto when an audience member was brought on stage and at moments fell flat, but overall it was incredibly funny.

Komedia, 19 May 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Abby Kwantes

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