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Project Brighton: Bringing Game of Thrones to Brighton, in street art form

- July 10, 2017

Brighton-based businessman Jordan Tsar, Spanish artists Kays and Adel Larbi, and born and Bred Brightonian Tony Low, are bringing a touch of ‘Game of Thrones’ to Brighton with a bold street art interpretation of the show’s characters, painted on the side and rear elevation of an 1860s Victorian Terrace House located in the heart of Kemptown.

Simply wander through North Laine and Trafalgar Street, and you’ll swiftly realise that street art has become a treasured part of this eclectic city by the sea – Brighton is nothing short of a public art lover’s dream. Buildings wrapped in bright colours and unique designs tell stories louder than the city itself and encapsulates art’s powerful ability to engage – it’s daring, inspiring and fearlessly unapologetic.

“ Brighton is nothing short of a public art lover’s dream ”

It adds vibrancy and character to the urban landscape, and more importantly, it makes art accessible to all. Undoubtedly, street art is deeply rooted in a city’s identity and it’s this sentiment that has inspired Brighton & Hove resident, Jordan Tsar, in collaboration with local artists, to complete the first-ever Game of Thrones themed street art pieces in Brighton. The project will be non-profit and the murals will compose of a portrait of the Night’s King and Daenerys’ dragon – Drogon.

George R.R Martin, the author behind the HBO hit, has not only successfully told the story of a mystical world blended within power struggles, war, love, loyalty and family dynamic but has managed to inspire a new world of creative thinking and endless imagination. Game of Thrones teaches us about the unpredictable nature of life – it’s full of twists and turns and for the most part, things may not turn out how you expected. The intriguing, complex characters of this show embody this as they navigate their way through struggle and learn to gain confidence and strength in the face of great adversity.

It’s simple: do what you love, spend time with the people that matter the most to you and be grateful, because, as Martin’s thrilling story relentlessly shows, any moment could be your last.

Left to right: Kays Larbi, Adel Larbi & Tony Low

A crowd-funding campaign has been launched to bring this project to life and to fundraise for registered-charity, St John’s School and College. A special educational needs school and college based in Seaford and Brighton, St John’s supports, educates and cares for young people from all walks of life, aged 7-25, who have complex learning disabilities and special needs. They currently have over 100 learners with autistic spectrum conditions, Downs Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, severe communication difficulties and rarer diagnoses.

As one parent said: “This school changes children’s lives forever. Dreams not only come true, but are made bigger and better”. Game of Thrones Brighton is a big dream about to come true for many of the show’s fans!

www.gotbrighton.com, vimeo.com/214660066

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