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Mark Thomas: A Show That Gambles On The Future

- November 24, 2017

In politically turbulent times the place to be is at a Mark Thomas show. The comedian and activist delivers the passion, political comprehension, and comedic reflexes to create a perfect storm of righteous indignation and piqued curiosity delivered in a captivatingly entertaining fashion. Tonight’s show collected global and local predictions from the audience beforehand, with the performance itself consisting of a mix of Thomas’ anecdotal material about his family and background, with his reading and discussing of the suggestions.

Thomas was red-faced and angry – but still comedically on point – by the end of the first half thanks to his frustration with Trump, and composed but still frustrated in the second. In conclusion we voted on a favourite prediction from the evening, on which an actual bet would be placed – our being that the railways would be nationalised in the next four years. A thought-provoking and engaging show to educate and stimulate.

The Old Market, 21 November 2017
Rating: ★★★★☆
Victoria Nangle

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