Tuesday, January 26

The Abstrusity Of Lou Dacques

- January 24, 2018

The compere expressed surprise that anyone turned up, given the outrageous blurb for the show, before Lou (Lewd Acts) appeared; an absinthe casualty who presented a plethora of puns and double entendres dressed in high heels and frilly panties.

There was enthusiastic heckling and audience participation, including face sitting by one brave woman and a Monet shot aimed at a male volunteer. The highlight was seeing two clowns simulating sex while honking horns and a very pliable audience member getting squeezed into a suitcase and stabbed by dildo swords. The show ended with an enthusiastic kazoo-along to a song about VIP urinals.

Marlborough Theatre, 20 January 2018
Rating: ★★★½☆
Steve Clements

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