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Goldstone interview

- February 2, 2018

Looking forward to Wednesday’s competition to represent Britain at Eurovision, the girls from girl band Goldstone spoke exclusively with Victoria Nangle about nerves, Brighton and Mums.

How do you feel about playing for Eurovision in the Brighton Dome, where Abba won all those years ago?

We are beyond excited! Especially because it’s at the Dome where Abba won! We are all big fans of Eurovision so we’re living our dream right now.

Can you tell us something about the song you’re singing and why it particularly suits the three of you and Eurovision?
We love the song as it’s about banding together and uniting everyone. It’s a song that holds no judgements about who you are who you love and we really connect to that. It’s so uplifting and we love singing it.

What are your own relationships with the Eurovision Song Contest? Are there childhood memories in front of the telly, or is this something that’s only recently become important in your lives?
Aimie: I’ve always been a huge fan of the competition. Me and my mum watch it every year and I cannot believe that she might be watching me this year!

The three of you individually have impressive musical resumés – what brought the three of you to join forces as Goldstone?
Aimie: Me and Helen met on the show Dirty Dancing where we bonded over our love of pop music. When we finished touring we didn’t want to stop singing together so we set up Goldstone and Rhiannon became our third member.

Where were you when you heard that Goldstone had been selected to be one of the six acts competing to represent the UK?
We were actually on our way up North to perform at an event. We were in the car together when we got the call and we were all screaming our heads off.

Fast forward and you’ve won! And you’re competing for Britain at Eurovision… and you’ve won! Who do you call first and why will it be important to them?
Aimie: I’d call my Mum first – she would be over the moon as it’s always been something we’ve shared together.

Rhiannon; Yeh it would definitely be my Mum and sister, they’ve always been massive supporters of me and Goldstone. They’d be so proud.

Helen: I’d call my Mum and Dad for sure!

I gather one of you hails from Brighton. What favourite sights are you planning to show your bandmates when the three of you come down?
Aimie: Well, obviously the pier is the first place we will go! Also we love shopping so The Lanes is a must. I’m a vintage queen so I’ll be taking them to all the vintage clothes shops. Also I love Metrodeco so I’m gonna take the girls there for afternoon tea as we love scones and Rhiannon is the tea queen.

And which bits of Brighton are your favourite to keep to yourself?
Aimie: I love just walking around Brighton. The buildings are so beautiful and there’s so much going on. When I have free time I walk in any direction and then take up shelter in a nice coffee shop.

What are your plans for the next 12 months?
We’ve got lots of shows and gigs coming up in the next year. We love performing at festivals and especially Pride. We’re hoping to hit Brighton Pride this year!

Goldstone are playing at Eurovision: You Decide, Brighton Dome, Wednesday 7 February, £30,

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