Saturday, September 26

An American Songbook – Lucy Goddard (mezzo-soprano) & Siwan Rhys (pianist)

- February 7, 2018

Song recitals usually include some standard old favourites yet this programme sounded all new, even the Charles Ives works from 1913, but then he was always ahead of his time! I sat back and enjoyed the novelty, the beautifully confident voice and the top-quality performance. Soulful, experimental or daring, the songs were dressed with drama and wit, even raising some laughs. It’s difficult to digest such poetry on a single hearing, but set to music and presented with such exquisite style, it seemed to make sense. This well balanced programme gave me plenty to enjoy and much to follow up.

St Paul’s Church, 7 February 2018
Rating: ★★★★½
Andrew Connal

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