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- March 22, 2018

Rambert never fail to deliver and once again they performed two truly satisfying works, and each for very different reasons. Symbiosis sees them at their classical best, that seamless merging of contemporary and traditional forms, the discipline of ballet used to express modern dance forms. Beautifully set and lit this was a pure delight, layering of imagery, almost frenetic movement punctuated by occasional moments of stillness and bold leaps and as ever that exciting physicality that Rambert always capture.

The second part of the evening was given over to Rambert’s first Choreography Fellow Julie Cunningham. To Be Me, performed to Kate Tempest’s Hold Your Own, was an interesting but at times blandly literal work. It felt confused, should I concentrate on the words or the dance? I was never sure.

The final piece of the evening was Goat choreographed by Ben Duke. Goat is an extraordinary bound pushing piece, part theatre, part dance, truly experimental and definitely challenging – but I love that challenge. This was Rambert at its forward thinking best, experimental, edgy, dangerous even. The structure new, the movement tortured, the experience voyeuristic, intimate… And when I leave any theatre with these thoughts rushing around in my head I know that for me, I have seen something very important.

Once again I also want to praise Rambert for their continuing use of live musicians, an element that makes their performances so much more vibrant, engaging and immediate. And of course praise too for the excellent performers who bring these works to the stage.

21 March

Theatre Royal Brighton

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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