Thursday, August 22

The Flying Lovers of Vitebsk

- May 14, 2018

Expectations of Knee High productions are always high, and this beautiful production proves those hopes to be justifiably so. The story of Marc and Bella Chagall’s love is brilliantly described in song, dance, movement and pure theatre. Never once being less than captivating, often moving and always entertaining – this cast of two with two musicians totally immerse you in the passion and troubles of this marriage set against difficult times. Marc Antolin breathes life into Chagall, whimsical, romantic and self focused, obsessing about his art yet obsessed with his muse Bella. Daisy Maywood as Bella is superb as his confident lover and wife but she is ultimately unfulfilled creatively. Against the simplest of sets director Emma Rice steers this compact company and story with great skill, never once do you see a Chagall work but throughout you see the colours, shapes and forms that he created with paint. Musically it is a delight, beautiful songs beautifully performed for an audience of spellbound festival goers.


11 May

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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