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Edith Piaf Live at Nimegue

- May 20, 2018

Andrew Farr has created an excellent entertainment about his hero Edith Piaf, part story and part song. He tells of her life, her harsh upbringing in brothels, her contortionist father, abandoning mother and then her discovery by her first mentor and manager. But it is as much about Farr’s relationship with Piaf as it is about her own relationships, although he does of course tell of her insatiable sexual appetites and has penned some excellently funny lines with which to describe her lusts. Farr is a devotee, a super fan, but he is also a great singer and one who has studied her tone and the nuances of her performing style and he can certainly deliver them.

In the second half of a show that is justifiably longer than your standard fringe hour, he returns as Piaf, but this is not drag, far from it, this is female impersonation and he does it so well. Recreating part of her final filmed performance before her untimely death at 47, Farr is touching, witty and filled with extraordinary passion – and the audience love it, demanding an encore.

Well constructed, well written and beautifully performed, this is an extraordinary piece of theatre and well worth catching.


19 May

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

Further performances

30 May 2018 21:30

31 May 2018 21:30

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