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The String Quartet’s Guide to Sex & Anxiety

- May 24, 2018

If the title sounds strange then this piece is no less so. The Heath Quartet are joined on stage by four actors who slowly unravel their fears and troubled lives. In between the quartet play Ligeti and Beethoven, play it beautifully. The actors play there parts with equal skill and at times it is moving and once, only once, amusing.

But where is it going, and why? Fascinating as it might have been on one level, that of the voyeur, I felt that it took me nowhere ultimately, a disjointed jumble of raw emotions fashionably presented against a score of beautiful music, a trick often employed in cinema.

Thank heavens for the beautiful playing of both musicians and actors, without out that I might have been tempted to leave.

Theatre Royal Brighton

23 May

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★☆☆☆

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