Thursday, August 22

The War Of The Worlds

- May 30, 2018

The latest production from the decidedly silly Pantaloons, whose shtick is to add a madcap spin to popular literary and stage classics, amusingly maintained the acclaimed, exhaustingly ridiculous energy they are known for with this new H.G Wells adaptation. Offering a condensed one hour version of Wells’ iconic science fiction tale of Martians invading Britain, this entertaining blend of fast-paced physical comedy, knowing post-modern audience nods and genuinely decent funk and folk song and dance was a winning combination. The Pantaloons’ show, with its carefully aimed irreverent yet affectionate tone, successfully navigated a precarious path that could’ve easily fallen into irritating RAG-week territory.

The Warren: The Hat, Brighton, until 28 May 2018
Rating: ★★★★☆
Nick Aldwinckle

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