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Sarah Kendall: One-Seventeen

- June 21, 2018

Sarah Kendall is a master storyteller. She’s definitely a good comedian too, but her storytelling skills are just phenomenal as her words conjure up an night sky in 80s Austrailia one moment and then whisk you to the other side of the globe in a different time and another first-time realisation on the flawed nature of parents. The well-chosen details, steady delivery, and nigh perfect assembly of the whole, deftly bringing what seemed like separate tales together as components to make a satisfying whole with the right a hint of wisdom learned was clear here in One-Seventeen. The title only truly clear in its resonance upon the close of the show.

In the second half Kendall workshopped fractions from stories she was to perform and record for her next BBC Radio series. Incorporating callbacks to to the main show, stopping mid read to gauge and ask her audience for feedback, it was a DVD extra-style look behind the curtain of how such a show might come together – as well as trailer for the promised radio show to come.

Komedia, 13 June 2018
Rating: ★★★★½
Victoria Nangle

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