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Latest TV Sneak Peeks: Shorts Out and proud

- June 25, 2018


Latest TV has an LGBT stranded programme every night. This has been the case for quite some time, but it’s something that we can easily take for granted mixing up the reportage of Tales From The Margins, the in-depth interviews on Queer Say and AK Souffle, and the broad entertainment appeal of Miss Jason’s House Party. Next month a new treat will be joining LGBT hour in the form of fresh a short film anthology series Shorts Out.

Short comedy or drama films reflecting an aspect of LGBT life


Shorts Out brings something new to the nine o’clock slot, with each episode compiled of between three and five short comedy or drama films reflecting an aspect of LGBT life, each with a brief introduction from presenter Deborah Espect, Episode one hits the ground running with a comedy about a woman questioning her sexuality in the wake of a lesbian one night stand. As well as taking a serious tack with a story of a gay woman scared to come out to her mother, and a tale following a protagonist questioning their own gender identity. Closing with a short comedy called ‘A Lack Of Dating In Brooklyn’, marking the trials of a gay woman struggling to find a new relationship.


Plans are for Shorts Out to broadcast every Thursday night, with a repeat available on Sundays, but do keep an eye out in Latest TV listings (always opposite this page) for the most up-to-the-minute details available.

Shorts Out starts in July on Latest TV

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