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Andy Garth: School Site

- July 2, 2018


At our last month’s auction I bought a couple of very unusual photos which I have added to my collection.

The first view is Centurion Road Brighton from Upper Gloucester Road, looking South towards Church Street, in 1965 – just before some major demolition to build the new St Paul’s Junior School that exists today.

The second picture is from the Church Street end of Centurion Road, with the house on the right being all that’s left of that side of the street.

I’ve also included a small concentrated section of a map of the area as well to get your bearings.


It’s a good thing when photos are taken pre demolition as it reminds us what was there before. It also reminds us that change is inevitable and perhaps should embrace it, as eventually becomes the norm and we forget.

When photos are taken pre demolition as it reminds us what was there before

Sounds a bit heavy I know, but as long as we record and archive these changes the memories will always stay with us.

A small personal note on this subject is that the new houses being built in Kensington Street Brighton are on a demolished site that was my own first family home, which we were asked to vacate in 1966 as it was going to be redeveloped. What we weren’t told was it would happen in 52 years time.


Change gets to us all eventually!

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