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Andy Garth: Here comes Summer

- July 9, 2018

So, it’s hot, sticky and the beaches are packed.

Every time the heat becomes unbearable, all the newspapers, local and nationally seem to show a picture of Brighton’s beaches and how full they are. Now I wouldn’t mind but I’m sure if you look carefully the photos they use are stock pictures which may well have been taken some years ago!

Which is why I am this week showing pictures of years ago on the beach and an old style tourist activity commonly known as Goat Carts, which were part of the seafront scene in the early part of the 20th century and catered for children to have a trot along the prom pulled by a goat. Not sure about it for myself but was probably quite good fun.

An old style tourist activity commonly known as Goat Carts

The second photo is a picked beach close to the Hove Brighton border around 1911 with not only the beach huts, but tent-like bathing chalets that could be hired for a fee and erected by an attendant to keep one’s modesty when changing for a dip.

In the background you can see the magnificent old Bedford Hotel, which unfortunately burned down in the 1960s.

Finally our next Auction is to be held on Tuesday 31 July at Aldrington Church Hall Glebe Villas Hove, starting at 8pm with viewing either from 6.30pm at the venue or at Robert (Mr Postcard) Jeeves’ shop Stop Back in Time, 36 Queens Road Brighton, seven days a week.

If you want a copy of the catalogue by email please let me know

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