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Latest TV Sneak Peeks: LTV news man Guy Lloyd switches it up

- July 9, 2018

It’s been a strange week for me in the glamourous world of television. You’re probably used to seeing me on Latest TV news as the main presenter and anchor man (other rhyming names are available) but this week, hop over to the other channel and you may see me displaying my cooking skills to the nation. That’s right, you can see me every weekday night this week on Channel 4’s, Come Dine With Me.

Now I’ve done reality TV before (Google ‘Vince Venus on BGT’ if you want to laugh out loud) and I’ve been on the books of this cooking show for years. A work colleague first put me forward, unbeknownst to me, around 10 years ago. I warily said yes, agreed for them to pop down for an interview and before you know it, I had a camera crew from Channel 4 asking me questions like, ‘who do you not get on with?’ (Tories and Arsenal fans) and, ‘what would you cook?’ (beans?).

I had a week to get a recipe together and I would be hosting the first dinner party

I didn’t get the gig but the production team keep your details and keep encouraging you to come on the show. I tried one more time and then on the third and final ‘application’ they let me in. Then they told me I had a week to get a recipe together and that I would be hosting the first dinner party with four other random Brighton folk (one turned out to be from Horsham). PANIC. SHEER PANIC.

My wife and I drafted up a Mexican three-course meal and then we got to work on making the house look presentable. I quite like the squat look but my wife takes more pride in these things. For me, the panic really set in, when the taxis pulled up outside my house and I was about to spend five dinner parties in a row, with four strangers. Who will they be? Will they be a good bunch or really annoying? Will I know any of them? Will they like my cooking? I didn’t really care about that last one but it was daunting thinking about spending 10-14 hours a day with four random folk, all signed up for this bizarre experience.

Anyway, I’m not allowed to say much about the show. You’ll have to watch it. But I’m glad I signed up. And I haven’t moved in to the world of chefing.

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