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The Human League

- December 4, 2018

For more years than I care to remember this electro-pop outfit have been delivering fine live performances that not only remind one of how good their hits and albums were but keep them fresh. How do they do this? Well the answer is two fold, firstly brilliantly energetic yet faithful renderings of those classic songs and secondly truly astonishing staging. This time a set of translucent cubes of varying sizes, piled high across the stage onto which complex projections marry with intricate lighting plots, often in beautifully subdued colours.

The set consisted mainly of the very familiar, no one was complaining and Oakey strode around the stage in his usual slightly threatening manner, belting out the reassuringly familiar lyrics  supported by the better than ever voices of Joanne and Susan who have aged with appropriate dignity but still complete the sassy look of this iconic band. A thoroughly enjoyable evening of the music of my youth and judging by the average age of the audience many others sixty somethings too.

The Brighton Centre

23 November

Andrew Kay Rating: ★★★★½

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