Thursday, August 22

The Lewis Sisters at Latest Music Bar

- December 12, 2018

You could almost smell the logs burning … there was though a Christmas tree, mince pies and cake and a trio that sang as well as that more famous trio – Dolly, Linda and Emmylou.
Carrie, Sylvie  and Sharon Lewis are sisters but as Carrie joked “from different misters.” Not related at all but they sang like blood sisters! And great songs…. weird to hear them do Merle Haggard’s song of desperate saloon macho loneliness – Swinging Doors – it was sung so gently but it worked. I’ll be your baby tonight sounded the total opposite of lonely – just as that title suggests and their arrangements of Christmas songs like Winter Wonderland, White Christmas and Silent Night were gorgeous and as romantic as Bing at his best. I had myself a very merry Christmas on December 11th.
And The Lewis Sisters…up there with the best harmony groups I’ve ever heard.

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