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Rainbow Chorus: Les Mistletoe

- January 14, 2019

The Rainbow Chorus were forced to postpone their Christmas concert as rain stopped play, but dauntless they rescheduled for mid January and came back fighting to retain that festive spirit – which they certainly did so fully with decs and good cheer.

The programme was divided between a first half of Queen classics which they pulled off with style, and a medley of numbers from Les Miserables which was good but not as precise in execution as I have come to expect from this excellent community choir. In part I would put this down to the choir being not at the same peak of rehearsal promise as they might have been in December. That said there were some fine moments and some excellent solos and duets throughout the evening.

In the second half things got seasonal, even if a month late, and we the audience were encouraged to join in – or at least when their dynamic MD gave us permission. Aneesa was quite distinct about how that would go, probably wisely, as the programme was very sing-along. (I also laughed  in the first half when she explained the plot of Les Mis to an audience mainly made up of gay men and women and their friends, talk about coals to Newcastle!)

Once again though a thoroughly enjoyable evening in which we clearly see demonstrated the joy and love that can be engendered by belonging to a community choir all working to create musical harmony.

I do have a couple of quibbles. Firstly I felt that the choir were seriously let down by very poor sound engineering from a less than attentive crew who failed to get any cues for soloists right. Secondly I saw no need for the crazy and artless lighting of the barrel vaulting and pillars whilst at times the choir were left in a dim gloom. I do not know what these fancy lights cost but whatever it was it was money stolen from a community organisation. We go along to hear the choir and whilst I can see the desire for great production values, this time the lights seemed a sad waste of their much needed funding.

St George’s Church

12 January

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★☆

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