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Happy Valley or Traffic Queue Gardens? The conflict over Valley Gardens, Brighton

- March 4, 2019

A News Round Up of the debate around in particular Phase 3 of the Valley Gardens scheme in Brighton. A scheme designed to increase space for pedestrians and cyclists has come under fire from a group of people living and working around the Old Steine, known as the Valley Gardens Forum. They point to the likelihood of increased pollution from increased traffic congestion in the area, as 5 lanes of traffic are being placed on the east side of the Steine in order to pedestrianise the west side. There is also concern over removal of the Brighton Palace Pier roundabout to make way for a T junction with traffic lights, and making Madeira Drive one way, again making it harder for cars, lorries and buses to move around the area. The plans have been approved by Brighton & Hove City Council, but these are now subject to a legal challenge, due to what some see as a flawed consultation process. Latest TV have reported views along the way, and this programme is a roundup of some of those views.

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