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Burglary Hotspots in Sussex: How does Shoreham match up?

- March 26, 2019

New data has revealed the Brighton postcodes which are most likely to suffer from burglaries in 2019.
The data created by MoneySuperMarket took into consideration over 2.5 million home insurance quotes nationwide and revealed that a Brighton postcode didn’t appear in the hotspots list until over number 500 overall in the UK.

Below you can take a look at the most likely postcodes in Brighton to be a victim of burglary. The list makes for happy reading for Brighton locals, with low probabilities of burglaries likely across the city and the extended area. One particular region of the city which has performed very well in the research is Shoreham-by-Sea. A household in the postcode for this area, BN43, has only a 1.4% chance of being burgled.

The news will come as welcome justification for the new regeneration of the harbour area, which is expected to cost around £200 million. This development will consist of a further 540 homes and will create 200 new jobs and a public space which includes riverside walkways and

Emma Garland, data scientist at MoneySuperMarket, commented on the statistics: “Over the past 12 months, burglars have mostly been targeting suburbs and urban areas, with the safest areas dominated by smaller towns and villages. “Anyone that has ever been burgled will tell you that the cost goes beyond the value of the items stolen, from the psychological impact of your home being violated to the difficulty of replacing things with sentimental value. “For thieves, it’s all about risk versus reward – if the reward looks likely to exceed the risk, they are going to target that home. Homeowners must do as much as possible to tip the balance in their favour and make things harder for burglars.

If you take precautions – such as fitting new door and window locks, installing bar windows where necessary and using security cameras – you can reduce both your contents insurance and your anxiety about getting burgled. Looking for the best deal possible at every renewal will also help keep premiums low.”

You can take a look at how your postcodes burglary rate stacks up against the rest by taking a look at the tool here:

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