For a man who grew up in the era when burger meant a Wimpy on the high street or a Whistler at the fun fair, burgers are something of a gamble. And in years with almost every food place purporting to create “gourmet” burgers or deliver “the best” burger in town, this humbledish can be a grave disappointment. Not last night! Honest Burger is in town and considering that as an idea it started here, it’s about time. It was a fascinating evening with the two guys behind the brand telling us quite frankly about how naive they were when they started and how passionate Andrew Kay dines out they have been to create an excellent burger.

There was science, delivered in layman’s terms thankfully, infomation about the way they buy and prepare the beef that they
use, chopped rather than minced, the fat to lean ratio, all that kind of stuff. And when it comes to chips these guys are passionate if not obsessive. So, does it all pay off? Too right it does! For once I got really very enthusiastic about a burger. Yes I have liked burgers
before but this time, having tasted a patty on its own I was blown away by the succulence, tenderness and flavour of the meat. It was quite amazing.

Honest Burger is cool, relaxed, and the food is hot and tasty

As for the chips, and bless them for sticking to their English roots and calling them chips and not fries, well they are the crispest and tastiest I have ever had with aburger. They are triple cooking, and making them fresh for all of their 32 branches, yes 32, this is no small operation. They even have a potato scientist on board who has helped them not only to cook the chips to perfection but also advise the farmer that they work with to grow them in the best possible way so that their chips are as consistent as is possible.

The tribute burger I moved on to was great too, a plain bun, no sesame seed to irritatingly lodge in the teeth, American cheese, pickles etc – and more of those chips dressed with rosemary salt, their own mix where the herb is ground as fine as the salt to achieve the proper effect – far better than slinging whole leaves into the fryer where they burn and
become acrid. They are licensed too so there are local craft ales, their own blend of gin and a fine range of soft drinks.

Honest Burger is cool and relaxed, the food is hot and tasty, the provenance is sound, not making claims that they cannot substantiate but I sensed pretty honourable. I might have given in to burgers, I will certainly be back to try them again, perhaps next time the Brighton burger, a take on surf and turf.

8 Duke St, Brighton BN1 1AH
01273 916352

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