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András Schiff: Bach Partitas

- May 14, 2019

It was inevitable that we would enjoy this fabulous recital by one of the most lauded pianists of the age. There he was, with his very own piano, and immediately putting the packed opera house at ease by talking to us about what we might expect. It is so refreshing to hear a performer speak about what will follow and something that seldom happens.

He took the works in his own preffered sequence, and explained why, but from the moment his fingers touched that keyboard there was no need for any form of explanation. It’s almost impossible to describe this experience except in a very personal way – so here goes:

This extraordinary performance felt like being slowly and luxuriously draped in beautiful fabrics, the lightness of voile, sensuous silks, pretty ornate floral cottons and the very finest and most intricate lace. Then rich damasks, plush velvets and dark brocades – sometimes in simple forms to begin but often richly embroidered. It was an afternoon of glorious colours and textures and of course a mind challenging level of technique, artistry and memory. This was surely a musical event of a lifetime and one never to be forgotten.


12 May

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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