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Resound: Members Only, Rebelles: She Will Survive

- June 3, 2019

Two of the city’s top choirs took to the road this weekend to perform in The Birley Centre, Eastbourne, a fine venue indeed. And true to form each choir delivered very fine performances.

Taking a new approach each has constructed a programme attached to a simple narrative.

In the first half Rebelles became a group of women bonded by being together in the canteen of a workplace where, over coffee and magazines, they pondered their collective sense of womanhood through song. And a fine set of songs they had chosen too, from classical through vintage close harmony to pop, all delivered with precision and style. Moving the cast around the platform, and I say cast as this was as much drama as concert, meant that we were treated to something often missing from the concert stage, and that was clear definition of vocal parts from time to time whilst never losing that essential sense of ensemble.  Highlights? Too many to list here from an excellent performance

After a short interval the stage was re-set for Resound, by far the best of Brighton’s LGBT+ choirs, an all male ensemble giving them the humorous opportunity to name their performance Members Only. And the members certainly rose to the occasion, well if they can do it so can I!

Their construct was framed within the idea of audition and experience, why they want to sing and what they gain from singing – and as a construct it worked exceptionally well. This choir never fails to deliver and they can tackle a variety of genre with skill and the ability to alter the sound that they produce to suit. Hence the rich tones of a male voice choir, the hearty sound of traditional folk and the sweet sounds of contemporary popular music. Much of it is serious and delivered with totally professional conviction, but when there is humour they deliver it with a sharp edge and a grin.

All in all a thoroughly satisfying evening of entertainment and when reading the rating below please understand that the five stars apply to each choir individually.

The Birley Centre, Eastbourne

1 June

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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  1. June 3, 2019 by Daniel Stenbäck

    As a member of the audience that night (we met briefly after the performance, I was part of the Swedish choir on visit), I must
    say that I agree with your review above. An excellent and most inpiring performance. 🙂

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