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Save the city from bioterrorists with Operation Mindfall

- July 9, 2019

operation mindfall

Bringing the best of augmented reality to the streets of Brighton and Hove, Handmade Mysteries hosts Operation Mindfall, the first ever city adventure game to arrive in the city.

Using a range of whizzy technology and gadgets, our two-hour outdoor immersive experience lets players indulge their ultimate James Bond fantasy as their team of two to five covert operatives must unlock clues hidden around the city. This pulse raising street game combines the best elements of Handmade Mysteries’ twisted escape rooms with a classic treasure hunt, as players explore and discover some of the most interesting areas of central London and Brighton. The most important question is: can they find the antivirus in time to save the world?

operation mindfall

Augmented reality first hit the mainstream headlines in the summer of 2016 when Poke´mon Go took over everybody’s lives. It seemed as though everyone from your nephew to your granny was taking to the streets to find and capture Pokemon characters using their phones to layer another reality over the one visible to the naked eye.

Now heralding the next generation of augmented reality technology, Operation Mindfall invites players on a treasure hunt across the city using a tablet and a range of other gadgets and physical props to reveal clues and interact with a host of characters – both real and virtual. Playing in teams, and tracked by an enigmatic host, it is a race against the clock to find the antidote that will save the world.

James Addy, chief gamemaker at Handmade Mysteries, said: “AR enables users to experience their world in a completely different way. With Operation Mindfall we wanted to encourage players to discover their city afresh and enter into a new reality. Brighton provides the perfect setting, with teams getting to see lesser known parts of London and learn about cool new places. The game combines the latest technology with live actors to elevate this beyond any standard scavenger hunt and create a fully immersive experience.”

James Bond 25 may be “doomed” – but that doesn’t mean fans can’t play out their own spy adventure

With more than nine months until the highly-anticipated theatrical release of Bond 25, let this game be the antidote to the long wait faced by every Bond fan in the city.

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