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Chitty Chitty Bang Bang

- August 22, 2019

Last night Brighton Theatre Group proved, with a rock solid production, that Chitty Chitty Bang Bang the live show is far far better than the saccharine sweet film version. From overture to curtain call this was a show that demonstrated that local theatre groups, once tarnished with the title “am dram”, can put on a thoroughly professional show.

Of course investment in a truly spectacular set, costumes and car plays a part in the overall success, but this would be as nothing if the cast were not up to it. I can confirm that they are more than up to it this time, brilliant ensemble work, great dancers and exacting choreography, solid vocal performances enhanced by a tight band – from the get-go we were swept along by the magic of this show.

And that’s before we start on the individual performances of the lead characters. Rob Piatt is a delightful Caractacus Potts, charming and funny. Hannah Spicer-Williams is equally delightful as Truly Scrumptious and sweet voiced too. Steve Emery is the embodiment of what a grandpa should be and Paul Charlton makes the very sweetest of toy makers.

Tim Ingram and Emma Lindfield as the vile and silly Bombasts are wonderfully so and Hayden Cheyne stalks the stage as the Child Catcher with sibillant sinister success.

All of the above make the whole compelling watching, a show that can hold ist head up alongside any touring professional company.

Then you have a pair of real highlights. I’ll start with the spies, Graeme Muncer and Jamie Collins, here we get comic magic, slick delivery and heartwarming fun, they deliver every line with perfect timing and their comic duet is simply brilliant – five stars to this pair alone.

Finally Jeremy and Jemima, on this occasion played by Samuel Price and Libby Bradley. Word perfect, pitch perfect, confident and convincing from the opening to the end, here are two stars in the making.

Director Michael Burnie has delivered a quality production to be more than proud of, setting the bar very high and sending a sold out house home with very big smiles on their faces.

21 August

Theatre Royal Brighton

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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