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Future Proof – Championing Hope for Business Owners

- October 8, 2019

future proof

The sense of uncertainty has become overwhelming for some and many feeling insecure about their future.

Education and Business working closely together is not new. Thankfully many businesses are more than happy to not just speak to, encourage and inspire their peers – they are also keen to reach the younger generation. Students are also teaching business a thing or two too.

Sarah is not an academic. Reluctantly she sums herself up as going to the ‘University of Life’ with a very keen interest in Emotional Intelligence… the ability to respond rather than react.

Future-proof was launched in 2019. Its purpose is to Champion Hope for business owners, employees and students who might be feeling a bit stuck.The sense of uncertainty is a core human need – it is in this gap creative thinking, innovation and exploration can take place.

However, if the gap seems too wide the affects can be detrimental to our overall health with many feeling overwhelmed like cats caught in headlights.We freeze.


By sharing the merits of Emotionally Intelligent Leadership, on her own or through interviews, Sarah hopes to empower viewers. She is particularly looking for a school who want to openly engage with the Future-proof debate.

We don’t know what tomorrow’s world is going to definitely look like, but we can say, “Even though I don’t know exactly what it is going to be – I know I will be ok!”

Sarah says, As Artificial Intelligence, machine learning & disruptive technologies expand their presence in the business world our ability to empathise, influence, embrace change and generally raise our game has become increasingly important #EQ

Being smarter human beings i.e. thinking and behaving with heightened emotional intelligence enables us to draw the best of AI.

If you can add value to the FUTURE-PROOF discussion then please do contact Sarah. She is very keen to engage with Brighton – education and business – supporting people who for good reasons want to be heard -helped and enabled by those who have lessons to share, wisdom to inspire others plus vitally the ability to ‘suspend’ as they choose their response.

The most flexible person has the most control. Elevated empathy,resilience, self awareness, awareness of others, values, beliefs, emotions and self regulation are key to us regaining our sense of security, acceptance and confidence about tomorrow. Focus only on what you can influence – anything else is distraction.

Season 2 starting Sunday, 20th October at a new time of 12 noon. And will be every Sunday there after. Two episodes are shown each week.

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