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Victorious: Hannah Brackenbury

- January 13, 2020

Victoria Wood created some of the best loved comedy of the last 50 years, observational genius that captured the hearts of the nation and at the heart of that genius was her ability to craft sketches, plays and lyrics. Her song writing skills were second to none with the ability to both amuse and to move.

It was artful and an art that inspired Hannah Brackenbury to hone he own song writing skills, take that skill to the stage and eventually write an inspired tribute to her hero. Victorious is that tribute and it is a fine piece of work that tells that story in a combination of Wood’s own songs and some of Hannah’s own.

The whole is well paced and slick, Hannah’s own songs are funny and well crafted, she has the skills of word craft that made Wood so good. The narrative, some in verse, that links the show is well formed and informative, reverential yes but never cloying.

And when it comes to the choice of Wood originals Brackenbury has chosen well, a balance of the very well known and some less so. But how does she deliver them, is this an imitation game? Far from it. Yes they are sung in the way the Wood would, the phrasing, the  gentle gestures and facial expressions are there, and in part that beautiful Lancashire lilt to the voice. But it’s not an impersonation as such, just a well studied and crafted tribute that honours the humour and reflects the poignancy of Wood’s lyrical skills.

This is a show that will win hearts anywhere that Wood is known, put smiles on faces, joy in hearts and tears in eyes. If you get the chance, as Hannah sings as the finale with Wood’s best know song – “Let’s Do It” – you’ll soon be reaching for your copy of Woman’s Weekly!

Victorious is now embarking on a 2020 UK tour.


12 January

Andrew Kay

Rating: ★★★★★

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