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The Vote with Mark Walker – Cascade Creative Recovery, Pete Davies and Jax Burley

- July 31, 2020

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to Pete Davies and Jax Burley from Cascade Creative Recovery. This is a community based, grassroots charity that helps people who have had a problematic relationship with drugs and/or alcohol to maintain their recovery and discover where they are with their recovery and how they relate to the world. They run a community coffee shop that provides a safe space. The Coffee Shop is open 6 days a week (closed on Monday) including over holiday periods such as Christmas and Easter. We are peer-led, volunteer-run, and use an asset-based community development approach. In addition to the coffee shop, we also have popular groups for drama, a choir, walking, craft, and creative writing as tools not only for self-expression but as a way of promoting recovery and making it attractive and exciting. Along with the Cascade Coffee Shop and their creative activities also have peer support through Recovery Coaching. A holistic approach to whole-person recovery and discovery.

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