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The Dolly Parton Story

- August 11, 2020

Who doesn’t like a bit of Dolly? The country legend that has touched the hearts of music lovers world wide with her songs and wit. And of course many of us know the rags to riches story in part. But why not find out more.

Hannah Richards and Alex Beharrell deliver an entertainment that is song based linked loosely by snippets of history and anecdote, enough to entertain without the whole becoming a dry and dreary lecture.

Hannah Richards seemed nervous to start, crazily so as from behind the microphone stand where she appeared to be hiding, the voice was strong and clear. Pretty soon though she left that hiding place and stepped out to really deliver a great performance. Hers is not an imitation of Dolly but a respectful interpretation of the star – and it’s all the better for that. Yes she uses the vocal characteristics that Dolly has always employed but not slavishly so and it really works. What she does do is deliver each an every song with the right level of cheeky and charming wit or the appropriate sadness and charm.

Alex Beharrell bangs out the tunes with confidence and musical skill and where needed adds a strong and balanced vocal line to add depth to the songs. He also tells a few terrible gags and tells them badly, a foil that gives Hannah the opportunity for some entertaining banter.

This show is both moving and foot-stompingly good, a great way to spend an evening as the sun goes down behind the Warren’s stage.

The Warren theatre is excellently managed for these times with strict but sensible rules, well spaced tables and well trained staff.

Andrew Kay

10 August

Rating: ★★★★½

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