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Anti-cycle lane protestors gather outside Hove Town hall for second time

- August 30, 2020

Around 50 residents and road users gathered outside Hove Town Hall to protest against the new cycle lanes. This is the second protest in as many weeks.

30.08 Hove Town Hall Protest

Anti-cycle lane protestors outside Hove Town Hall

The protest went ahead even after Brighton and Hove City Council removed a section of the seafront cycle lane on Wednesday.

“The decision follows discussions with Brighton and Hove Buses about bus journey times and congestion on this part of the westbound carriageway”, the council said in a statement.

“The nature of the Experimental Traffic Regulation Order (ETRO) process gives us the opportunity to engage and respond to concerns while the temporary scheme is in place.”

“The rest of the temporary cycle lane will remain in place as agreed by councillors at the Environment, Transport and Sustainability Committee in June.”

Chris O'Connor Protest

Chris O’Connor speaking at Hove Town Hall

But protest organiser, Chris O’Connor said: “The way the council have gone about removing our road space is completely unacceptable.”

“We demand complete removal of all the Covid cycle lanes and a transparent plan as to why they [the council] want a new cycle system”.

In an exclusive, The Argus found that disability groups had not been consulted until July 14.

They were sent an email by council officers.

“The new disabled bays on the seafront are too dangerous to use”, one protestor told Latest TV.

“There’s not enough room to open the car door and I can’t get any of my equipment out.”

“The pavements in Brighton and Hove are dreadful when you are in a disability scooter or wheelchair.”

“That’s what really needs to be fixed.”

Other speakers included Ollie Wilson, a campaigner against the pedestrianisation of Maderia Drive.

Ollie Wilson, a campaigner against the pedestrianisation of Maderia Drive, speaking at Hove Town Hall

“Maderia Drive, as it stands, is virtually unused by pedestrians and cyclists”, Ollie Wilson told protestors.

“It’s preventing other citizens such as Mods, like myself, and motorcyclists, who bring the trade to Maderia Drive”.

City councillors state the provisions are in line with government Covid-19 guidelines, to encourage commuters to use sustainable, human-powered transport for regular journeys.

Organisers have said they will continue to protest until they feel their concerns have been addressed.

Report by Olivia Marshall, Latest TV.

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