The Vote with Mark Walker – Caity Downs and Angelina Mills, Raising Money for Sturge Weber UK

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to 19 year old Caity Downs from Brighton and 11 year old Angelina Mills from Norfolk, as well as their parents and Dr. Ashok Jansari, a Brighton-based Neuropsychologist. News recently emerged that care centres for people with learning disabilities are open at just 10% capacity due to the effects of COVID-19. But despite the gargantuan challenges, families and carers are working hard to raise funds and public support. This programme also explores Sturge Weber Syndrome. This Syndrome means abnormal blood vessels form in early development, causing a port wine stain on one side of the face, and in some cases, severe epileptic fits that require removal of brain tissue. Both girls suffer from developmental delays, social and behavioural deficits, hemianopia (vision loss in one side of the eyes), autism. On their ‘weak’ side they have no mobility in either their hand or ankle. Mark Walker finds out more.

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