Friday, May 7

The Vote with Mark Walker – Coldean Residents Association and Stamner Preservation Society

- October 7, 2020

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to Coldean Residents Association and Stamner Preservation Society about building on the urban fringe. As Mark finds out, a coalition of Coldean Residents’ Groups has united to make a final stand to save the precious green land adjoining the South Downs and Stanmer Estate from development. Two sites in Coldean have been listed for development in City Plan Part 2, which is currently going through a 2-month public consultation period, with residents encouraged to have their say. One of the sites has already been cleared of vegetation and fenced off with special fencing to prevent nature returning – despite the City Plan Part 2 public consultation process continuing for another 5 weeks. Representatives from local groups including Coldean Residents’ Association, Stanmer Preservation Society and Coldean Women’s Group, have met to make a final plea to the Council to change track. Mark finds out more.

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