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How will the hospitality industry evolve post-pandemic? Interview with Rockwater

- April 17, 2021

Latest TV News Editor, Mark Walker, speaks to Georgia Wells, General Manager at Rockwater, about how the hospitality industry will evolve post-pandemic. Rockwater Hove is reshaping the role of the hospitality sector within society, and the launch of Rockwater Life, a hub that nurtures the mental and physical wellbeing of the community marks a moment of evolution for the UK’s devastated sector. Rockwater Life is diversifying the hospitality industry by supporting the mental and physical wellbeing of the residents of Hove post-lockdown, all within an open and inclusive environment, that champions togetherness. Rockwater Life highlights that the hospitality industry can fulfil a purpose further than the food and drinks they serve, by supporting the well-being of communities with a range of unique, holistic services. Catering to a society that has been deprived of effective means of health and fitness, not to mention stripped of the facilities available to us to improve our lifestyles, the launch of Rockwater Life marks a much-needed step forward in getting back to a healthy norm.

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