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- September 28, 2021

BREMF is back this October with five top-quality events that sum up the essence of BREMF. On Wednesday 20 Oct. Clare Norburn, the festival’s co-founder, presents ‘I,Spie’, her concert-play about John Dowland, the famously melancholic composer and lutenist. A prickly personality alongside Catholicism made his life the very stuff of espionage and conflicting loyalties, performed now as an interactive drama accompanied by his ever-popular music.


The next day (21 Oct), BREMF Consort of Voices gives us more of their glorious summer concert celebrating Josquin des Prez and Robert Fayrfax, who both died 500 years ago in 1521. Josquin roamed from cathedral to court as the most celebrated composer of Renaissance Europe. Fayrfax’s exquisite polyphony brought elaborate magnificence to the Chapels Royal of the very demanding Tudor Henrys.


Friday, 22 Oct. is the turn of the French Baroque when the ensemble Canzona and bass-baritone Stuart O’Hara perform courtly music by Rameau, Leclair, Marais and Clérambault.

The emerging talent of BREMF Live! takes the stage on Saturday 23 Oct. when three up-&-coming ensembles get their chance to perform for the discerning BREMF audience that includes agents and festival managers from around the country, eager to fill their upcoming schedules. This year Arculo Consort of Viols will perform ‘The Tears of the Muses’ which includes music by Byrd, Dowland, Holborne and Hume; The Swan Consort sing ‘In Arcadia’, illustrating Guarini’s epic poem ‘Il pastor fido’ with music by Monteverdi, Weelkes and Handel; and Lilium Convallium will ‘Raise the Flame of Love’ with Rameau’s cantata ‘Le berger fidèle’ and Guatemalan music by Rafael Castellanos. BREMF Live! also affords mentoring, valuable connections and a lasting fellowship to these young musicians, who tend to return in following festivals, to our great delight!

Joglaresa 5 Marian Legends

This short season concludes on Sunday 24 Oct. with a colourful romp in medieval Spain as Belinda Sykes leads Joglaresa in a selection of rousing cantigas. Come to this event with plenty of spare energy!

St George’s Church (20 Oct.)
St Martin’s Church (21, 22, 23,24 Oct.)
Andrew Connal

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