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The Global Day of Action for Climate – Hundreds of Thousands take to Glasgow’s Streets

- November 11, 2021

Saturday, November 6th, was noted as a Global Day of Action for Climate Justice with over 100,000 climate activists marching both in Glasgow at the COP26 conference and across the world in over 250 other countries.

From indigenous struggles to trade unions, from racial justice groups to youth strikers, various activist groups came together to demand immediate action to combat global warming. Many of these frustrated marchers are increasingly dismissive of the talks done at the COP26 summit.

William Ranieri was at the March in Glasgow to speak to some of the activists and learn the importance of public mobilisation.

This will be the last video from Williams coverage of the COP26 conference! All of the videos, from the Rebel Riders who cycled a colossal 522 miles from Brighton to the Glasgow event, to the various rallies and speeches held, can be found in the dedicated playlist on our YouTube Channel!

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