Readers have sent in their rhymes about Storm Eunice. Can you send in stormier ones?

Storm Eunice. Stupid name! Should be Storm Rocky!
Read Dee Boyle’s poem…

We have been battered once again
by more storms coming our way.
But how do we feel about them
whatever the forecasters say?

Why do they give them names
that sound like they are a friend?
When in actual fact for us all
they only send us around the bend.

One that came with such force
was given the name of Dudley.
But that make it sounds quite gentle
and almost like someone cuddly!

It was followed by Storm Eunice
that sounds like an elderly aunt
who would offer a friendly hug,
rather than a fearsome rant?

Are names meant to offer us solace,
in an effort to keep us calm?
As if they are, they need a rethink
in how to create a soothing balm.

Whereas with names like Rory
we would know just what to expect.
And with Renee, Wynn Dee, or Rocky
what you see would be what you get!
Dee Boyle
Feb 2022

Storm Eunice

Has Thrown Us

Into the Blueness

Roofless and


And Shown Us

A Way Into Newness

Extreme Storm

Renews Us

Jacqui Tweet

Feb 2022

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