The Court Case Podcast – Interview with Sandra Grace, Live from Ukraine

In this special, one of a kind episode, James is joined by Sandra Grace. A Ukrainian born woman living in the war torn country. Exclusively on the podcast, she tells the story of her day to day life since the invasion started, her growing fears for the lives of her and her family, her work volunteering for her country and much more.

If you would like to make a difference or learn more about the current crisis in Ukraine, please follow any of the below links:

Learn what you can do to help Ukraine.
Donate and send help to families in Ukraine.
Information on contacting your MP to take action.

Sandra is a singer, if you’d like to support her, please consider heading over to her Spotify and giving her music a listen,  then head over to her Instagram and give her some well wishes!

If you would like to support this podcast and the content James and the team produce, please consider donating at the following link:

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