Brighton Festival is soon to start and for lovers of contemporary dance there is already a tangible buzz about the return of Hofesh Shechter, who is presenting two distinctly contrasting pieces. Clowns is a sarcastic nod to our ever-growing indifference to violence; In a macabre comedy of murder and desire, a whirlwind of choreographed anarchy, testing how far we are willing to go in the name of entertainment.

As an antidote to the murderous and poisonous energy of Clowns, The Fix brings a tender, fragile energy to the stage, raw and compassionate, a moment to balance the forces of aggression and violence that press on us daily.

The Hofesh Shechter company are at the Dome Concert Hall on the 7th and 8th of May.

Perhaps the biggest buzz this year is for Unchain Me, a new piece of immersive theatre from the internationally acclaimed Dream Think Speak and theatre maker Tristan Sharp. The new work is based around Dostoyevsky’s novel, The Possessed, in which a provincial town descends into chaos as it becomes the focal point of an attempted uprising orchestrated by a shadowy conspirator, who disappears as soon as the seeds of revolution are sown.

Unchain me runs from the 3rd to the 28th of May.

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