The Black Rock Boardwalk is Now Open!

The BLACK ROCK BOARDWALK is now open to the public. Brighton can be proud of this 15 minute stroll on the beach constructed using the equivalent of 7.3million plastic bottles of dense upcycled plastic, fixed using over 80,000 screws and bolts.

The result is a 800m long boardwalk that includes links and new access for all crossings of the Volks Railway, and three jetties providing access close to the shore. The builders will also install low level lighting in May.

That’s not all, the creation of three habitats five times larger than the one removed to construct new sea wall, in wave formations, will provides a safe heaven for thousands of plants to regrow. Planting and seeding will provide accelerated vegetation but the biggest contribution will come from seeds already present in the sands and grits taken from the destroyed wildlife site, and – with time -through natural colonisation. The project involved 1700 people and the construction started on June ‘21.

Both the boardwalk and habitat creation areas are highly unusual features because of their scale, materials, design, and sustainable construction.

William Ranieri reports.

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