The Rise of Veganism on St James’ Street

St James’ Street holds tremendous value in the city of Brighton, having a history of attracting wealthy visitors and residents. Sadly, recent years has seen the street move further away from its prestigious past. However, as of late St James’ Street has seen a vast increase in vegan establishments, attracting a wide array of intrigued visitors, seemingly handing it a new lease of life. Anything from herbal supplements to vegan kebabs it can be found here, appearing to transform this street into a hot spot for anything and everything vegan.

Upon visiting, we looked to delve deeper into this cultural phenomenon. We spoke to the supervisor of one of the street’s most popular vegan restaurants, Purezza, to find out what veganism means to him and his thoughts on the rise of vegan establishments on the street. “There has been a whole lot of different people from different places coming in, and you can see different things are happening,” explained a local resident we spoke to. Identifying that St James’ Street is once again displaying glimpses of its esteemed past.

We concluded that only time would tell how far St James’ Street’s resurgence will go. However, we all hope that the street will continue to provide opportunities for vegan establishments and get back to its best.

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