Some of you will know the name Andrew Kay and in recent years you probably know him best as a presenter and producer of shows on Brighton’s own Latest TV or for writing about food and drink. But his working life goes way back and having left Chelsea School of Art back in the late 1970s he embarked on a very successful and award winning career in publishing as a book cover designer and art director, working with a huge number of internationally successful authors, a list that includes Peter James, Dame Edna Everage, Jackie Collins, Alistair McClean and Henry Root. In fact over 1,000 book covers and still counting. Some of you may even be old enough to remember his most well known work.

But design is still a major part of his life and as well as designing sets and graphics for Latest he paints, draws and from time to time undertakes work for friends. Recently for Brighton Theatre’s play Cocky And The Tardigrades written by Richard Crane and directed by Faynia Williams and for Julie Burchill’s new play with music Hard Times On Easy Street.

Both pieces of work have now been short-listed for the  Brighton Fringe and Gemini Design for Print Awards.

Andrew says – “Working with Faynia and Richard has been a delight, they are amazingly trusting as clients and responded so quickly and positively to my concepts that the job was a joy. Hard Times on Easy Street was equally exciting as it reminded me of how much I enjoy the vibrant imagery and gently seedy world of nightclubs. Working with clients that are truly collaborative is always the best of experiences.”

He is genuinely delighted to have been short-listed but also expresses a real passion for creative partnerships. Voting for the awards is open to the public in conjunction with a panel of judges and if you would like to vote you can do so by going to  https://brightonfringe.gemini-print.co.uk/

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