Stephanie Speaks to Royal Family Fan!

Latest TV’s Stephanie Prior speaks to Malcolm, a Royalist who first came to love the royal family when he saw the Queen on TV. Following that, on her Silver Jubilee, he had the chance to meet Margret and the Queen Mother as they walked in a parade down the street.

Malcolm gives support to Harry and Meghan, arguing that a traumatic childhood and having his mother die at an early age has lead to what has been unfolding in the last couple of years and that Harry is simply trying to keep his family safe from the media.

Stephanie and Malcolm look into Netflix’s The Crown, saying how it shows Diana and the dramatisation of the show compared to reality. They discuss the negative press the family have had in recent times and where Malcolm thinks the royals will be in a number of years.

Finally, They speak about their Jubilee weekend plans, with a whole range of street parties happening across Brighton and Hove, everyone attending will be spoilt for a choice about where to go and what to see!

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